Entertaining and Informative The Best Business Movies to Watch

Whether you are a business student, entrepreneur, or simply a movie fan, business movies offer an excellent way to both entertain and educate. From thrilling dramas to insightful documentaries, these films can provide valuable lessons and insights into the dynamics of the business world. In this blog, we have compiled a list of some of the good business movies that you can watch and learn from.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

This Netflix documentary exposes the dark side of social media platforms and the impact they have on our lives, both individually and collectively. Featuring interviews with experts and former employees of major technology companies, the film delves into issues such as data privacy, surveillance, and addiction. It emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and responsible use of technology in the business landscape.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

This romantic-comedy-drama starring Tom Cruise follows the story of a sports agent who experiences a moral and spiritual awakening that leads him to start his own company. The film explores themes of professional and personal growth, building relationships, and the importance of mission and values in business.

The Founder (2016)

Starring Michael Keaton, “The Founder” recounts the story of Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into a global fast-food empire. The movie provides insights into the challenges and tactics involved in scaling a business and emphasizes the importance of perseverance, innovation, and sound strategy.

Joy (2015)

This biographical comedy-drama follows the story of Joy Mangano, an inventor and entrepreneur who creates a highly successful self-wringing mop and builds a business empire. The film highlights the importance of creativity, resilience, and risk-taking in entrepreneurship and showcases how an individual can overcome significant obstacles to achieve success.

The Intern (2015)

In “The Intern,” Robert De Niro stars as a 70-year-old widower who becomes an intern at an online fashion start-up. The movie explores the importance of lifelong learning, adapting to change, and bridging generational gaps in the workplace. It emphasizes the value of experience and the benefits of intergenerational mentorship.

These films offer a variety of perspectives on the business world, from issues of technology and ethics to issues of entrepreneurship and leadership. Whether you are seeking inspiration or simply wish to be entertained, these movies are a great way to engage with the nuances and complexities of the business landscape. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show, as you gain new insights into the world of business.